February 5th, 2011

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  • zeldona

Planisphère - 15 large textures

Hello dear watchers, members and other lovely people!
It's been ages since I last uploaded or rather made new textures and I'm so sorry for the lack of updates over the last few months for my part. My life was pretty demanding lately and a lot changed and is still changing at the moment, so I was/am a bit busy. In addition I tend to be a bit lazy from time to time and everyone who knows me a bit better, knows that I can be a hell of a procrastinator sometimes. So yeah... now you know. But I guess you're just here for the new textures anyhow and aren't really interested in my rants about my life so I'll show you my new package.

The set contains altogether 15 medium/large textures.
There are maps of Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia. Also there are globes and maps of the whole earth itself. The package isn't called "Planisphère" without a reason after all. It means "world map" in French.

I scanned these lovely drawings from an old French geography school book from 1899 that I bought last summer in an amazing antique book-store in Southern France. I adore old maps and plans of countries and cities in general, so I'll probably upload more textures like those in the near future if you like.

However, have fun with this set and I truly hope you'll be able to create beautiful art/graphics with it. :)

Oh and the new layout of the community is still somewhat under construction, so we're sorry if it doesn't look perfect by now. But we're working on it and will probably make some kind of update regarding mellowmint soon. So stay tuned.

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