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Le langage des fleurs - 12 large textures

Hey there! *waves*
Do you still remember me? Again over a month passed since I last posted some new stuff. I'm sorry for the lack of updates lately. School is keeping me busy and besides I'm also a terrible procrastinator. Anyway, I finally made it to create some new textures. 12 large beautiful flower textures. Believe me these are absolutely lovely. I scanned the flower images from a cute little French book that I bought in an amazing bookstore in France that sells hundreds of old books and magazines. The book from which the textures are, is called "Le langange de fleurs" by the way and I included the cover of it in the set as well. I truly hope you'll be able to create great art and graphics with them. Have fun and please don't forget to comment, when you download the set. Comments are always very appreciated. =)

at DeviantART

Please credit me and mellowmint or just the community, if you use the textures.
Do not steal, edit, redistribute, hotlink, copy or claim these textures as your own.
Comments are wonderful and keep me going, so please be so kind and leave one.
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