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22 February 2010 @ 04:18 pm
Hey guys, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. :)
So, because I'm still on holiday and I have lots of free hours at hand, I managed to create a new textures set for you. This time it contains 30 large scans of spice and medical plants. I thought some flowers once again would be nice and these drawings that I found look beautiful and really handy. From arnica to wormwood, you will find most of the common medical and spice plants in this set. These textures are wonderful to give your art/graphics a special and unique look. I hope you like them and please don't forget to credit me or the community. Because lately I've seen many guys here on LJ, that clearly used my stuff, without giving me credit in their resources posts. I mean, it always takes me quite a lot time to create/scan these textures, so the least you can do is crediting me, don't you think so? Well, but however, enjoy the textures. I hope they'll be useful for you. :D Oh and I know that the preview doesn't look really great, but I was never good at creating them, so yeah whatever. ;)

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17 February 2010 @ 11:04 pm
First of all I wanted to thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my last entry. The amount of them really blew me away. You are great and I know that I haven't replied on all of them, but I'll do it in the next few days.

However, this entry won't contain any new textures, but don't worry new ones will come soon.
This time I'm posting a brand-new fanvideo of mine. As you may know or perhaps not, I really enjoy to edit and to make videos. I never showed you any of them here, but I thought I could do it for once and ask you, if you would be interested in seeing more of them here in the near future. Please watch the video (it's even in HD available), leave a comment and fill out the poll. That would be really great.

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This poll is closed.

Are you interested in seeing my fan-videos here at mellowmint?

Yes, of course. That would be wonderful.
No, I don't want to see them.
I don't care. Do whatever you want.
Where are your new textures?
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09 February 2010 @ 05:26 pm
Almost one month without a single entry here.
We are deeply sorry for that, guys, but we all were pretty busy over the last few weeks.
Real life is sometimes really stressful. Luckily I have three weeks holiday now and I hope I'll be able to make some pretty textures and perhaps also some icons/wallpapers for you. Just stay tuned.

So for a start I have some new paper textures for you.
The set contains two old world maps, vintage handwritten paper textures, an anatomic drawing of a human heart and some nautical drawings as well. I'm sure that these textures will give your artworks a very unique and special look. Download and enjoy the goodies. Oh and please leave a comment, if you take then.
That would be really lovely. :D

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10 January 2010 @ 12:52 am
Long time passed, since I last posted textures here and I'm sorry for that.
But real life is keeping me pretty busy right now, though I still managed to scan some old maps, which I found some days ago. I decided to scan just the ones of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, 'cause lately I found myself searching for these kind of textures. Why, you may ask? Well, the main reason for it is that I'm really addicted to the Tv-show Merlin at the moment and I tried to make some fanart, but never really found textures that fit to the medieval theme of the show. Luckily I found these pretty maps. I thought, why not share them with you. Perhaps you are also interested in these kind of stuff. If so and if you download this set, please don't forget to comment. ♥

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Oh and before I forget, could you please fill out this tiny poll down here? I really would like to know, if you like these map textures and if you would like to see more of them in the near future. So please fill it out. It only takes some seconds. Oh and if you chose possibility 2, could you please explain in a comment, what you would like to see then from me?

Poll #1509434 Do you want to see more maps textures
This poll is closed.

Do you want to see more maps textures?

Yeah, of course. They are really useful.
No, I want to see other things for you.
Why do you ask me? I don't care...
I don't know, but perhaps you should make some fanart again.
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01 January 2010 @ 10:05 pm

Hi guys,

Hope you all had a great New Year. I wish you all the best in 2010!
Thought I'd make some desktop calendars for you to use :)

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28 November 2009 @ 04:02 pm
So finally some new textures from me.
I hope you like vintage, 'cause this set contains a lot of old stuff, such as old German newspaper ads, paintings of clocks, an old map of Europe, a key, which is already cut out, saved as a png file and ready to use, and so on. Just download the set over at Deviantart and please don't forget to leave a comment if you do.
Comments keep me going. :)

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